Tasmania is one of the most romantic places in the world with its, white sandy beaches, rugged mountains,
lakes teeming with trout, quaint sandstone towns, fishing villages and valleys filled with cows and sheep
grazing – even the shape of Tasmania is a heart.

If you are looking for love, want to reconnect again or just love life – You'll LOVE Tasmania!


Tasmania is made up of 334 islands with spectacular coastlines that look even more beautiful from the water. Take a thrilling ride to seals lazing in the sun among sculpted rock formations of Bruny Island or the Tasman Peninsula; glide into the heart of the world's largest temperate rainforest on the mirror-still Gordon River or cruise past the vineyard-lined banks of the Tamar River. If land is more your style take a self drive holiday and circumnavigate the island or walk to the famous Bay of Fires, with its lichen rocks and lagoons.
Love fresh air - Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world – it's a fact. Having travelled thousands of kilometres across the Southern Ocean from South America, Tasmania is the first contact with land. Wander hand in hand along the white sandy beach of Wineglass Bay, dominated by the pink granite of the Hazards Mountains and snuggle up in the inspiring sanctuary of Saffire Freycinet for an uplifting experience.
Tasmania has a landscape that is both spellbinding and refreshing. More than a third of Tasmania is protected in national parks, World Heritage Area, forest and marine reserves. Stroll around Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain, look out for wildlife such as wombats, wallabies or the famous Tasmanian Devil and at the end of the day sink back into a spa in your own wilderness escape.
With a population of just under half a million, Tasmanians are renowned for their friendliness. Come and meet the farmers who grow our produce, have a yarn and sample their wares. Chat with berry farmers, boutique cheese producers, beekeepers selling their honeys, stay overnight on a farm such as Curringa Farm and Brickendon Farm and watch the farmers at work. Or have a cooking lesson at the Agrarian Kitchen and see how fresh produce is turned into a gourmet delights.
Take a self-drive tour and discover why Tasmania is so naturally beautiful and within easy reach. Harbourside cities are only a short drive from ancient rainforests, rugged mountains and crystal clear lakes teaming with wild trout. Freedom can be found around every bend.
Tasmania is the last home of several mammals that once roamed the Australian continent. So be quiet and look out and you may come upon a wombat family dining late or a shy platypus. And you are sure to hear the chilling screams of the Tasmanian devil.
Tasmania's clean waters fresh from the Southern Ocean are ideal growing conditions for seafood such as oysters, scallops, abalone, crayfish and fin fish. Our Atlantic salmon, abalone, scallops, octopus and rock lobster are served in the best eateries around the world. Cast a line for a plump trout, shuck oysters fresh from the sea and make sure you have some packed to take back home.
Tasmania's is the Adventure Island. Fly through the trees in the north, plunge into hidden canyons, reignite your spirit conquering our glaciated mountain peaks including Cradle Mountain. Escape the everyday by diving beneath the surface, hopping on a wilderness cruise or taking a thrilling mountain-bike ride down Mount Wellington. You can rev up or unwind – its your choice.
Look out for chocolate truffles, Tasmanian specialty timbers such as Huon Pine, tasty leatherwood honey, hand-knitted woollen wear, art & craft, fine cheeses, superb wines, antiques and much more. Tasmanian wool is rated as amongst the finest in the world. Our berries, apples and stone fruits are juicy and still full of flavour; and our chocolates and beers world-winners. But don't miss the famous Salamanca Market in Hobart on Saturdays.
Be enriched by the past and discover the convict stories that have built so much of Tasmania's sandstone heritage. Explore Port Arthur, its historic buildings and ruins, beautiful gardens and dockyard. Don't miss the Museum of Old and New Art – MONA which opened to world acclaim and houses some of the world’s most infamous and thought-provoking contemporary art.

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