THE HUNTER... in search of the Tasmanian Tiger

The Hunter

The new psychological drama The Hunter starring Willem Dafoe, Sam Neill and Frances O’Connor was filmed entirely on location in Tasmania, Australia’s Natural State. In the film, Dafoe stars as a mercenary sent into the island's pristine wilderness to hunt the supposedly extinct Tasmanian Tiger. Disguised as a scientist, he bases himself at a farmhouse owned by a grieving widow and her two children. Usually a loner, Dafoe's character becomes increasingly close to the family and as his attachment to them grows, he is led down a path of unforeseen dangers that complicates his mission.

Willem Dafoe says Tasmania is like “a weird combination of very familiar and totally exotic”, while Sam Neill says that “It’s like an idealised version of Australia, it’s what Australia should be.”

The Tasmanian Tiger

The Thylacine - Tasmanian TigerThe Tasmanian tiger (thylacine) is an enduring symbol of Tasmania. The last tiger died in Hobart’s Beaumaris Zoo in 1936, deeming the animal officially extinct in 1982. However, there have been countless sightings, some by highly-regarded scientists and professionals in their field that lead many to believe there are still Tasmanian tigers wandering our rugged wilderness.

About the size of a medium dog, Tasmanian tigers had light brown fur with signature dark stripes across their back. Once Australia’s largest carnivorous marsupial, the Tasmanian devil now holds this title. Find out more about the Tasmanian tiger at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery or visit the fascinating permanent exhibition at the Wilderness Gallery.

Tasmanian Wilderness and Wildlife

In Tasmania find World Heritage Wilderness covering more than three million acres. This rugged untouched landscape is as memorable as the local wildlife.

Trek wilderness trails in search of a Tasmanian tiger, go wildlife spotting by flashlight to witness the island’s nocturnal wildlife or get up close to some of our most fascinating furry faces at one of our wildlife parks.

At Narawntapu National Park on Tasmania’s north coast, see bounding Forester kangaroos cover grassy plains at top speed, meet friendly wombats, pademelons and inquisitive Bennetts wallabies. Or for those who want an added thrill, join one of Geoff King’s Tasmanian devil tours where you huddle in a fisherman’s hut and listen to the bone-crunching delights of devil dinner time just outside the window, or near Cradle Mountain join a night time feeding tour at Devils@Cradle.

The Hunter - Tasmania's Wildlife & Wilderness Holiday

From £1665* per person staying at B&B’s

From £2065* per person staying at good hotels & lodges

Make your own mind up as to whether the Tassie Tiger is still out there as you explore on a self-drive holiday around Tasmania’s wildlife hotspots. Take in the islands dramatic wilderness scenery as you travel from the capital, Hobart. Discover beautiful coastlines, superb beaches as well as the dramatic high mountains of the interior of the island. Explore iconic places such as the Freycinet peninsula and Cradle Mountain where you can walk on the edge of the vast southwest wilderness.

You’ll be able to see wombats, possums, little penguins and many wallabies & pademelons. With luck you may spot in the wild the endangered Tasmanian Devil, the largest living carnivorous marsupial; Eastern and spotted-tailed quolls and perhaps a duck-billed platypus.

Tasmanian Devil

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